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Unleash Your Patriotism: Dominator USA's Spectacular Patriotic-Themed Fireworks Collection--PyroBuy China Fireworks Sourcing Experts

Unleash Your Patriotism: Dominator USA's Spectacular Patriotic-Themed Fireworks Collection

Company News / 2023-06-26

Celebrate Independence Day in style with Dominator patriotic theme Fireworks! As a leading fireworks company, Dominator takes great pride in creating a wide range of patriotic-themed fireworks that embody the spirit of America. From dazzling red, white, and blue displays to breathtaking bursts of stars and stripes, this collection is sure to ignite patriotic fervor in everyone's hearts. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of their standout products, each designed to light up the night sky and fill your celebrations with joy and awe. Get ready for a fireworks extravaganza like never before!

1.Dominator USA brand

This is a RWB patriotic theme that the young brand created just for patriots. Featuring Vibrant RWB-style designs and exceptional-quality creative items, it has quickly garnered popularity among avid fireworks enthusiasts.

More DUSA items list here: https://www.pyrobuy.com/products.asp?sid=1&bid=1&tag=&bd=Dominator%20-%20USA&currentpage=1 

typical item for the brand:

American zipper

Dominator USA's best seller!  234 patriotic shots. Red, white and blue tails to crackling breaks zip back and forth before a crackling finale.


video links :https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=7&id=6049 

3 packs RWB cakes

This item is the perfect choice to express your patriotic spirit on the 4th of July. With 16 shots of classic red, white, and blue mine to star and fish effects, Arranged in groups of three with a tray, this packaging method is unparalleled, offering both practicality and aesthetic appeal.


video links:https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=8&id=6342 

Dominator USA firecracker series

It has a brick-and-roll style of packaging for different occasions. Unlike traditional bricks wrapped in red paper, These colorful boxes ensure flexible selling


video links:https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=13&id=6455 

Dominator USA sparklers

Featuring a Striking Red, White, and Blue Theme, these Sparklers are Encased in Innovative Flat Packaging, Making Shipping fee a Breeze, a real value items.


video links :https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=25&id=6800 

More DUSA items list here: https://www.pyrobuy.com/products.asp?sid=1&bid=1&tag=&bd=Dominator%20-%20USA&currentpage=1 

2.DM5109 Salute to the Red, White and Blue

vertical color carton with three 24 shot 500g cakes. 1 each of red, white and blue. 72 huge patriotic bursts!


video links :https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=7&id=6102 

3.American Series (Mixed Case Color Carton)

Eye-catching color box design, classic eagle and red, white and blue elements, this case including 4 different effects of 500g cakes


video links :https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=7&id=5990 

4.Star Spangled Mammoth

From Dominator fireworks classic Mammoth series - 10 shots - Huge breaks of classic Red, White and Blue stars!


video links:https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=7&id=6023 

5.Red, White and Blue 5” 60g Shells

Looking for a patriotic style of 60-gram shells? This is the right one. It has 2 red, 2 white, 2 blue, and 6 RWB-effect 60-gram shells.


video links : https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=9&id=6164 

6.USA Patriot Pack-Assortment 

Don't want to waste time on picking items? Save time and maximize the fun with this patriot pack assortment!


video links :https://www.pyrobuy.com/productdtls.asp?t=&sid=10&id=6371 

As you can see, Dominator's patriotic items can meet all your patriotic fireworks needs. With its colorful RWB theme designs and high-quality creative items, it captured the hearts of fireworks enthusiasts nationwide. Whether you're looking for cakes, firecrackers, sparklers, assortments, 60-gram shells, etc., Dominator Fireworks has it all. Their commitment to innovation and exceptional packaging ensures that you not only get stunning displays but also enjoy convenience and value. This Fourth of July, make your celebrations unforgettable with Dominator fireworks!

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